10 Errors Web Developers Often Make
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Common Errors That Web Developers Often Make

To be among of the website developer experts, this the common errors that you need to avoid in developing the most successful website.

Here are the common errors that the web developers often make:

  1. Writing HTML in the 20th century style– the result will be an inconsistent behavior of the markup in different browsers. The codes might not work well in the latest browsers such as the Microsoft Edge.
  2. Depending on a single browser in testing pages – relying on one or two specific browsers may fail the developer to see how the page renders on other browsers. Instead of using a lot of browsers for testing, simply use a tool to get a snapshot of how the page would look like with multiple platforms.
  3. Not clearly identifying the kind of data they need from their users– many developers prompt their users to give any info, thinking that they will get those data as intended.
  4. Using too many graphics and pictures on the page – this would have a negative effect of the loading time of the site. Asses if the graphics on the page are necessary. Otherwise, get rid of them or minimize their file size.
  5. Not properly checking if all the codes are working properly – the developer should test multiple times if the code or the JavaScript is working well. Otherwise, users will see those errors when they visit the sites. It could have a negative impact on user experience
  6. Spending too much time managing codes. Rather than putting all your efforts managing code files, simply implement feature detection in code.
  7. Coming up with unresponsive designs– don’t assume that you have the same viewing size as your readers. Furthermore, you have to consider that majority of your visitors now might be using their smartphones for browsing. Therefore, you have to make sure that your designs are compatible for both mobile device and desktop view.
  8. Not implementing accessibility features– many developers make the mistake of producing pages that are not easy to discover on search engines.

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