5 Reasons Not to Be an Advantage Casino Player

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1. Being an advantage casino player is difficult.

The primary reason why the world doesn’t have that much advantage players is because it is
difficult to become one. It’s hard to master poker well enough, and look for more games which
are more profitable. To be an advantage player, learning must never stop. You need to adjust
your strategies for your games to improve.
This is the same with sports betting. It also requires a plenty of trial and error, and study. You
should work hard in establishing new models and systems, and tweak the old ones. Doing these
consistently is hard for several people.

2. Advantage players are not close to their family and friends.

It is possible for advantage players to have a healthy family life, it really tends to put a big deal
of stress on relationships. To be successful, you need to always keep an eye to the best online
casino in Thailand. You travel a lot, and work odd hours. Unless your spouse fully supports you,
and understands your line of work, it can quickly lead to issues. What’s even worse is that you
end up missing crucial events in the lives of your children.

3. Advantage players are always stressed.

The life of an advantage casino player is more stressful than exciting and fun. You are constantly
struggling to maintain an edge while dealing with bankroll problems, swings and travel plans.
Advantage players are continuously looking for the next opportunities. Stress can kill, and
mental and health problems are difficult to deal with. Prepare yourself for all the stress!

4. Advantage players travel a lot.

Your location would depend a lot on those areas where the best casino players are being
executed. For a period of time, you might play at Las Vegas, and then the next day at Atlantic
City or Mississippi. Basically, you need to be where the most profitable casino games are. Keep
in mind that what is profitable today, may not be profitable tomorrow. Advantage players are
always at the mercy of the ever-changing gambling industry.

5. Advantage players must keep up with all the swings.

Even the most experienced advantage players experience losing streaks. At some point, you will
be forced to downswing your bankroll. Losing a lot of money can impact your mental state. Do
you think you can still play well even if you are consistently losing? Negative swings can kill the
dreams and hopes of several advantage players.

Sherry Crawford

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