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Looking for men’s watches? If that is so, you do not have to spend money on exorbitant
watches as there are watches that are quite affordable that also have amazing features
and looks really amazing.

In this article, I will go over some of the best affordable watches that you can buy today.
I suggest that you buy at least two of these to add to your watch collection.

Timex Weekender

One of the best affordable watchmaking brands is Timex and the Timex Weekender is
the perfect watch for casual affairs.

It is quite stylish and the fact that it is a chronograph watch, it can also be used for
running and cycling as you can use it as a nice stopwatch as well.

Bewell Wooden Watches

Wooden watches have become quite a trend in the watchmaking industry in the past
couple of years and some brands are eager to create their own line of timepieces that
make use of different kinds of wood.

The Bewell Wooden watches is great because it is simple and you can choose from five
different wood options- red sandalwood, ebony wood, zebra wood, verawood, and
maple wood. You can choose which material you want!

Fossil Nate Chronograph

If you want a more metallic looking watch, then the Fossil Nate Chronograph is the one
for you. It has a stainless steel case and strap, has white accents and a black watch
face that truly looks stylish for the modern man. It is a bit heavy, but considering that
you’ve got a robust watch on your hands, it is something worth considering indeed.

Swatch Windfall Chronograph

Are you a fan of James Bond films? There are certain shots in his films where his
timepiece is showcased and you’ve probably thought of buying one for yourself.
Unfortunately, his watches are not that affordable at all and you can easily spend more
than fifty grand for that.

Fortunately, there are watchmaking companies that model their watches to the same
degree of craftsmanship that is reminiscent of the James Bond flair.

The Swatch Windfall Chronograph, for example, not only mimics what the famous spy
character is wearing but it’s got a chronograph functionality that makes it quite
appealing for active individuals.

Smith & Wesson Men’s Military Watch

This military watch has everything that you need. Its robust, it’s got added functionality
and the fact that you are given three different straps to choose from makes it an ideal
option no matter the occasion.

Caravelle New York

I know that most men prefer automatic watches, but this is not to say that Quartz
watches are not a thing. In fact, if you want more accurate timekeeping, then Quartz
watches are the way to go.

That being said, the Caravelle New York is made of stainless steel and it uses the
Japanese Quartz movement to ensure that you get accurate time, most of the time.

Its main selling point is the fact that it looks so luxurious at an affordable price.

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