6 Reasons to be an Architect

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1. Architects can be their own boss.

Once you gain all the experience you need, you can set up your own company. With hard work, it’s possible to own one of the most successful architecture firms in Malaysia someday. Moreover, you can win competitions and win commissions for many projects all by yourself.

2. Architects see are tangible, and at times euphoric, results.

Seeing the results of an architecture design project is like setting up your own laboratory. You can explore, experiment and improve things. Not all things would go smoothly, but you can learn many things, and experience career fulfillment at the end of the road.

3. Architects impact people’s lives in a positive way.

It’s fulfilling and rewarding to develop good personal relationships with clients. This will come in handy if, at the end of the process, you yield a great end product. Remember, one of the skills you need to master as an architect are your social skills. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to develop great connections and relationships with people.

4. Architects can practice their craft as long as they want.

Architects are free to practice their profession as long as they want. Of course, you will always be an architect even if you are no longer employed in an architecture firm. Do you know that many architects only become better until later in their lives?

5. Architects are given the freedom to practice artistic freedom.

Architects have different styles that guide their own projects and outputs. As an architect, you have artistic freedom to pursue different approaches.

6. Architects have a dynamic profession.

Architects need to keep up with the ever-changing programming and technology advancements. Construction methods and materials are growing constantly to address the demands of the public. Architecture is a dynamic career that spearheads new design concepts in a while.

Sherry Crawford

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