Basic Pregnancy Checklist: 6 Important items for Future Moms

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1. A Sleep Cushion

Pregnancy is not just about caring for your little one and growing bump. Aside from buying baby clothes in Malaysia ahead of time, you should also get things that will help you feel more comfortable. So, how can you rest more comfortably at night with your growing tummy? Get a quality sleep cushion and pillows for support.

2. Treat yourself to a soothing, nice bath.

This may seem like a simple pregnancy tip, but it actually one of the most important ones. Pregnancy can be a stressful situation, most especially for first-time moms. Make sure to treat yourself from time to time. A simple bath using pregnancy-safe bath products will allow you to relax and destress.

3. Read a good book.

While soaking at the bath tub, you can enjoy a good book. Research on reassuring, wise pregnancy books. Enjoy this precious time while nurturing the growing baby bump. Don’t just think about the baby inside you. Take care of yourself, too.

4. Get comfortable, quality bras.

Make sure to get a pre-pregnancy garments ahead of time. Getting a quality maternity bra should be at the top of your priority list. At this day and age, bras are no longer those ugly, utilitarian pieces no one would love to wear. They are now glamorous, pretty and sporty! Feel free to choose the one that fits your style and preferences.

5. Put together stylish outfits.

A healthy pregnant woman is a confident pregnant woman. If you can, buy fabulous, comfortable outfits that will make you feel beautiful and confident. Invest in a pretty dress that you would love to wear at the later months of your pregnancy.

6. Wear comfortable pajamas.

There is nothing like sleeping and cuddling up in a cozy pajamas for a good night’s rest. If you want those pajamas that will last long, choose those pieces that are designed for breastfeeding mothers.

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Useful Tips to Help You Choose a Baby Car Seat


All children below the age of 8 should use a car seat dedicated for them to ensure their safety while traveling in a car. Parents should always buy and install one since it is mandatory for them to do so, especially if they want to ensure their child’s safety.

That being said, choosing one might prove to be a daunting task for many parents, since they really do not know exactly how to choose what is right for their children.

But do not fret, I am going to provide you with some useful tips to help you choose a baby car seat in today’s article.

Measure Your Child

As mentioned earlier, if your kid is below the age of 8, you have to make sure that you buy them an appropriate car seat for them. That being said, before heading out, you must first get the measurements of your baby- taking into consideration both their height and weight.

If you do not have the right measuring tools, you can just bring your child along with you so that the store staff will be able to take their appropriate measurements.

Consider the Vehicle You’re Driving

The thing here is that not all cars are created equal. There are cars that are pretty huge and that can fit any size family with ease and there are also some that are quite small for a normal-sized family.

That being said, you also have to take into account the actual vehicle you’re using. Once you’ve got a shortlist of possible car seats that you want to purchase, it is best that you take measurements of your car to ensure that the car seat you fancy can actually fit inside your vehicle.

What is Your Budget?

Another important consideration would be the budget. Baby car seats can actually be quite expensive, especially if you are going to buy those that have all the bells and whistles.

Before heading out, at least establish a preliminary yet flexible budget so that you can purchase based on a certain price range.

You have to know that new car seats (at least those that are of good quality) typically costs anywhere between $400-$1500. There are secondhand car seats out there, but they are usually not recommended. Still, you can buy them if you are okay with the idea of getting a used car seat.

Consider Your Needs

Even though a baby car seat is specifically designed and reserved only for your baby/child, you still have to consider some of your needs as well. Do you want one that you can easily detach and put on a baby stroller? Or, do you want one that is not detachable but one that provides amazing comfort and security?

Know What’s on the Market

If you want a car seat for your child that is below 2 years of age, you want to choose the rear-facing car seat or a convertible one. This lasts longer than others since you can just face the seat depending on how old and how big your child is.

Get a baby stroller car seat if you want more convenience. They can easily be detached and can be used as an add-on to a baby stroller.

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