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How a Web Host Can Affect Your SEO?


Anyone who owns a website nowadays knows how important search engine optimization is. Also known as SEO, it is a set of techniques that will allow your website to be visible on the first few pages of the search engine results.

That being said, you have to employ a couple of things on your website itself, as well as making sure that other factors are also considered. One of these factors is your choice of a web host. Although they do not directly impact your website’s SEO, they can still have a profound effect regardless.

Today, I am going to talk about how a web host can affect your website’s SEO and why you’d want to sign up to a top hosting company.


As mentioned earlier, SEO is a set of techniques that you can do in order for your webpage to be ranked higher than others when someone searches for a website.

That being said, your hosting provider can also help your website in terms of its performance. What are the factors that can affect page loading speeds? Well, that depends on the number of page elements found on each page of your website, as well as how fast your web hosting provider’s servers are.

You see, the principle of web hosting is that your website will be placed in one of their servers and so long as this server is running, it will be accessible online with the use of a specific URL.

And, according to Google, one of the main factors of good SEO is page loading speed. If your website loads well within 3 seconds, then that will help you get a much higher ranking.

Google and other search engines value the user experience now more than ever before and a fast loading website definitely helps elevate that. That is why it is imperative that you go for a web hosting company that is known to have really amazing server performance.


Server machines are typically housed in a facility known as the data center. And, the location of the data center is actually more important than you think.

You see, whenever your hosting company’s server is located far from your usual target audience, then that can affect page loading speeds simply because the request to access your website will have to do a couple of jumps before the server receives it.

Unless you’re getting a cloud hosting subscription, it is best that you get a hosting company that has a data center near your target audience’s location.


Another extremely important aspect of SEO is website security. If Google finds out that you’ve been conducting some shady business, then the company along with other search engines will penalize your website, resulting in a much lower page ranking than what you’d want.

Website security is important, especially if you are running an e-commerce website. Fortunately, that can be handled by getting the services of a reliable hosting provider.

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Best Hosting

Shared Hosting Versus Dedicated Hosting Services


Top web hosting in Malaysia? Many company owners get confounded by the wording of shared or dedicated web hosting. There is an immense contrast between the two and the one that is directly for your business will rely upon a variety of factors. These can incorporate the size of your business, your degree of IT mastery and furthermore your budget. When attempting to make sense of which choice is best for your business, it is useful to comprehend the essential contrasts between the two.

Cost Considerations

The reason shared hosting was acquainted was with have the option to offer a progressively moderate hosting solution for smaller companies. By apportioning the disc space resource to a few sites, every site pays a decreased rate for their disc place. Organizations that decide on shared hosting may do this in view of cost contemplations. The extra organization and backing offered by these plans can regularly free up staff to deal with different tasks. When thinking about the expenses of pay rates and preparing staff, shared facilitating may well demonstrate to be the most cost-effective solution.

Security Concerns

When sharing a server, you can’t ensure that different organizations on the server are as careful about their site security. Their remiss way to deal with security could leave your site defenseless against infections and programmers. There is likewise commonly less help as far as server backups and there are regularly lower levels of security on shared servers. Dedicated servers offer organizations the largest amounts of security. Since you are the main site, you can set your security levels and advantage from server back-ups and calamity recuperation.

Control of Your Website and Server

On a dedicated server, you have full oversight over your site. This implies there are less plan and programming restrictions and far less security concerns. On a shared server, you might be constrained in the contents that you can utilize. You will need to adjust to the designated plate space and may need to utilize a particular kind of programming for your web designer.

Server Down Time

The exact opposite thing you need is for your server to be down for any period of time. This is the duty of the hosting provider. And if you have a dedicated server, there is less probability of your site encountering personal time. On a shared server, different sites may hinder the data transmission by utilizing more than their distribution of room and the outcome can be that clients can’t get to your site.

Distinctive Feature Sets

With sites getting to be significant advertising tools, hosting companies are offering added features and tools to make sites progressively proficient. A portion of these sets may just be offered on dedicated hosting package while others are bundles explicitly for shared servers.

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