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Some of the Best Boutique Hotels You Can Find in Melaka


Melaka has a rich history. This place used to be a fishing village in the 14 th century until the Hindu Prince, Parameswara, made it is his own domain.

Then, the European powerhouses- the Portuguese, Dutch, and British, all fought each other for this trading post. That is why the country back then was also one of the main strait settlements; just third behind Penang and Singapore.

The country has enjoyed independence in the 1950s and today, it is now a bustling city that has plenty of boutique hotels that you can stay in.

Today, I am going to give you a rundown of these hotels so that you will know which ones are worth your money. If you are lonely, you could have a girl escort come with you as well.

Majestic Malacca

This is one of the oldest boutique hotels in Melaka as it was established in 1929. It wasn’t actually a hotel when it was first built. It was actually a mansion that was owned by a Chinese Tycoon by the name of Leong Long Man.

Unfortunately, he died just two years after moving in and the entire mansion was inherited by his son. Unlike his rich father, the son squandered all of the money and was forced to sell the mansion just to make up for some more.

Since then, the mansion was turned into a hotel that is actually quite unique in its design. This building followed the theme of the past as you can see that the architecture made use of Teakwood fittings and original Victorian tile flooring.

The Majestic Hotel has a nice restaurant that is headed by Chef Melba Nunis whose specialty Peranakan dishes are simply to die for.

Rosa Malacca

To keep it closer to its namesake, the Rose Malacca hotel made use of red bricks and concrete walls (which is why it is called Rosa). That is offset by the furnishings that were used as you can see that it mainly uses neutral colored-furniture to make everything blend well together.

It has roughly 60 rooms that kind of reminds you of the commonly busy streets of New York City (though in contrast, this hotel is situated in the quieter parts of the city).

1825 Gallery Hotel

Back when the European colonial forces were in the country, the Melaka River was their main point of entrance toward the city. Of course, they needed a place to stock all of their goods so they built a warehouse large enough to encapsulate everything.

That has now turned into the 1825 Gallery Hotel and it pays homage to its roots coupled with some modern flair. The hotel still makes sue of the original timber flooring, but is then accentuated by modern carpets and furnishings.

45 Lekiu

Located in the heart of the city, the 45 Lekiu is a Boutique hotel that marries traditional art design with contemporary stylings.

Each floor has a different theme. The third floor happens to have a pool and a patio for people that want to relax and have a nice view of the city.

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