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Mobile Marketing 101: The Most Effective Tools You Can Use



A Marketer’s Best Friends


Marketing can be a pain for the application developer, after they complete the app itself. They have to think about how to get their app out there, to have it be seen by the public. These are some of the tools that you can use to help you out in that respect.


  • Klip

Are you familiar with Klip? It’s an organization that supports businesses and brands by addressing UX. They display ads instantly, and enables brands to develop a positive relationship with customers.


  • Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

This is another Google too that can help you test your app’s speed. The mobile-friendly test platform makes it simple for organizations to address mobile-friendliness. Through this, Google can also give effective guidance, and solve immediate problems.


  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools around when it comes to social media platforms. Do you want to improve customer engagement and employee social cooperation? This is the platform you should use.


  • Instagram

Instagram has more than 300 million users worldwide. It has a very broad reach, and therefore, can be used effectively as a great marketing tool. You can surely grow message correlation and brand awareness through Instagram ads.


  • Amplitude

This tool allows you to know the behavior of your clients. In what way are they exploring your apps? What are their favorite features? Through Amplitude, you can accumulate insights, and further enhance business results.


  • TextMagic

TextMagic is a reliable text messaging solution for startups and small-scale businesses. It enables clients to incorporate various mobile contacts, create customized text layouts, and instant message scheduling.


  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help you seize every promising marketing opportunity in the internet. It allows users to monitor every detail that occurs on mobile.


  • Quuu

Quuu provides specific hand-picked content for several social media viewers. It accumulates different sections from over 300 unique interest classes for your targeted audience.The Quuu staff can handle all tasks for you–they can confirm the posts that can be shared manually.


  • Doubleclick

Doubleclick is Google’s backup that builds, and provides Internet advertisements serving administrations. It focuses on several necessities, from publishers, sponsors and networks.


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5 Proven Design Tips for Creating a Mobile App


When designing an app with a mobile application company, you must always have something in mind when it comes to the functionality. After all, you want it to do one thing only. However, what most app developers do not put into mind is the design, which is something that is so important that not putting your attention to it can spell doom for your application.

So, if you are going to create an app, what are the things that you need to keep in mind so that it can become famous in the app store? Read on to find out.


  • What is Your Brand?


When creating an app, you are most likely promoting your own brand. Developing an app is not a one-step process which means that you also have a team with you tasked at doing different things.

Bear in mind that when creating your app, you have to put your brand at the forefront. This means that the design elements as well as the color scheme should match your brand’s representation.


  • Enhance the User Experience


The user experience is important and as an app developer, it is your responsibility to ensure that users will be happy when using your program.

Now, you must first think what features you are going to include in your application. What is your brand all about? If it is an app where people can get hotel reservations, for example, having the search functionality as well as the booking part of the process should be at the forefront to make things easier for them.

Furthermore, organization is crucial as a convoluted app will leave people clueless as to where to navigate to get a certain thing done.


  • What is The Color of the Brand?


Using bright colors as your overall theme seems to be conventional advice, but do not fall into the trap of just following that advice blindly.

You are in charge of promoting your own brand which means that, as much as possible, you are going to use your brand’s particular color.


  • Use Social Feeds


There are certain things that you can include in your app that will make the whole user experience worthwhile.

You can incorporate an interactive social feed. By this, you could employ a feed that aggregates different sources such as Social media sites, ride-hailing apps, and so on.

Using some or all of these will help your app grow since these things are what most people use on a consistent basis.


  • Improve Your App by Giving More


You might have different core functionalities that you want to include in your app, but if you could expand that a little more by adding something else, then that would be highly advised.

For example, if you are developing an event app, instead of just allowing people to book tickets, you can also integrate other location-based services like which restaurant is best on your locale, which ride-hailing apps work best in your location, and so on.

Integrating extra services allow your app to be a one-stop shop for everything that a user would want to turn to.

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Roles of mobile apps in education


In this tech-savvy era, mobile technology is a great way to get stuff done that includes furthering one’s education. Influence of technology upon a student and education has been immense. Besides, on this digital era, we believe that mobile learning is the future, and with using the  best mobile apps developer in education, are the most interactive and constructive way to attract the students towards studies and enhance their productivity. These mobile applications have brought about some crucial changes in the education industry. Moreover, educational apps offer a lot of benefits, so here are just some of the roles of mobile apps in education.

  1. Enhanced student-teacher interaction

Rapport between students and teachers is essential to learning. Thus, application in education can make student more interactive and activate better engagement between a student and teacher. The most effective way is to engage with the student while they are using applications. Interaction tendency in a student is enhanced by mobile applications. With a connection through educational apps, it will help in enhancing the student-teacher interaction.

  1. 24 hours availability

Unlike school or any other educational institutions, the mobile apps are available round the clock. Therefore, educational app learning is not a time-bound learning, rather it is relaxed learning. Thus, this education apps work the best regarding this new era, as they are available 24 hours, the students can study as per their convenience.

  1. Novelty in learning techniques

The innovative gadgets of today make it easy for the students to practice their lessons in an effective and interactive way. With developing the useful and creative mobile apps for education, it will help students in interactive learning. Thus, the introduction of applications in the education sector has led to the introduction of new learning methods, and will help them understand things from a different perspective.

  1. Instant updated

There are apps, which are not only meant for learning but also to stayed updated about the campus events, alerts and other important information. Therefore, the students can get access to any information from anywhere they are. By developing the mobile apps for educational institutions, it will help the students as well as their parents to get instant updates regarding the important things, which they may miss otherwise.

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