In the past years, different search engines have devalued the importance of directory links to a specific site’s search position. Below are important directories that you should consider when contemplating on a new digital marketing strategy. Remember, quality links can give your website a higher search result, and can help your SEO efforts and this is vital for the seo services packages experts to know.

1.Best of the Web –

Best of the Web, which started in 1994, remains one of the trusted and oldest directories today. It offers deep linking, allowing you to submit the interior pages of your website to be included. They also established other specialized directories in the past years, including Local, Blog, Senior Housing, Software and UK/Ireland.

2.Business – is a top online destination for those business buyers in search of B2B solutions. It offers a wide range of content, as well as a website directory. Several of its directory category pages have great Google page ranks.

3.Joe Ant –

In 2001, Joe Ant was established by a previous volunteer guide. They have gained a good  reputation of creating a quality website directory.

4.Dmoz –

Dmoz is the holy grail of all web directories. We all want to be included in this directory. Its editors are all volunteers, and they don’t appear to be accepting and reviewing other new websites. Since it is a free directory that is run by unpaid editors, there is a high level of trust that comes with every link.

5.Yahoo –

This started out in 1994. Now, it is considered as the web’s biggest portal. Yahoo’s directory business is one of the oldest, and most reputable one in existence. Their size, brand and age offers a quality trusted link back to your own website.

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7 Essential SEO Browser Extensions

7 Essential SEO Browser Extensions

We all use browsers to scan through the internet. But, to be able to browse web pages efficiently, we need more than just “browsers.” You need to look for plugins and extensions that can further enhance your user experience. Here is a list of the best web optimization ones you can get for free.

1.SEO Quake

This is a classic plugin and extension that is used by plenty of SEO professionals. SEO Quake can give us access to a wide range of data. With just two extra clicks, you an access keyword density details, and several external and internal backlink data. This is not a replacement for website analysis and audit tools, but it can provide you a glance at a web page’s basic information.

2.User-Agent Switcher

User-Agent Switcher is very helpful when it comes to developing new websites, most especially of they are established using less predictable technologies. You can use this to troubleshoot crawl problems, and to uncover certain differences in how Googlebot is viewing a browser and a page.

3.Tag Assistant

If you are using Google Tag Manager on a regular basis, then Google Tag Assistant will become very useful for you. It can help you determine some analytics issues, as well as tracking codes with regards to AdWords. All in all, it’s a valuable troubleshooting tool that can cover a wide range of issues.

4.Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser is built within Google Chrome. You may want to shift to this one to experience “sessions.” Basically, a session is a fresh, new instance of Google Chrome that can operate within new tabs and windows. It is possible to run several tabs for every session.

You can use Ghost Browser for free, but there is a pro version that you can consider if you think it is worth the investment.

5.Chrome Developer Tools

Like Ghost Browser, this tool is also built within Google Chrome. It can be used to find codes, identify sizes of different elements, and troubleshoot some issues. You just need to hover over and select a particular element, and it will show its code and output characteristics.

Moreover, the codes can be adjusted, and you can view how it would affect the live site. All in all, its functionality revolves around security, speed and troubleshooting capabilities.

6.Show Title Tag

This is a handy plugin that shows the page title in the browser. Show Title Tag can be moved to any of the browser’s corners, and a its red text shows where it is likely to be cut off in the search results. You can find this useful when looking at your competitors’ websites. It will become easier to see how they are doing their titling.

7.Ghost Proxy Control

Ghost Proxy Control extension already comes with the Ghost Browser. One of the biggest perks of these two tools is that it allows you to load proxies in different sessions. So basically, you can open a tab for every location. This is can really be beneficial if you are implementing an efficient local SEO strategy. You will find this useful when checking search engine results pages from different locations—you can view them all at the same time, even side by side.

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