Choosing the Best Watch Strap

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For any business professional, a watch is already a part of every dressing routine. Are you
thinking of getting a new timepiece? Whether you are looking into basic analog watches or
designer watches in Malaysia, make sure to get one that adds skill and maturity to your overall
look. Use it not only to check the time. Use it as a symbol of status and taste. Moreover, you
would want to get a versatile timepiece that can go with any outfit. Keep in mind that there is a
kind of watch with every type of activity.
So, what are the most important things to consider when purchasing a watch? Aside from the
strap, functions and materials, focus on the strap that would come with it. A well-designed watch
strap improves the entire experience of wearing the timepiece, and at the same time protects it.
The most versatile watch strap material you can get is a leather strap.

Common Leather Watch Strap

There are many kinds of leather used to make watch straps.
a. Calf skin leather is from the skin of the calf 6 months after its birth. This means that it is
soft to the touch, and has a soft, fine texture.
b. Saddle leather calf was utilized previously as calfskin for the saddle. As you wear it every
day, it appears caramel because of the tear and wear. If you want a type of leather with a
unique, rough style, one is for you.
c. Buffalo leather is comfortable and soft to wear.
d. Lamb leather is also soft to the skin. For many people, this is the best material suitable
for wrists.
e. Camel leather has a distinct, grainy texture. Its overall appearance looks hard, but its
leather is comfortable and soft.
f. Pig skin is regarded as the mildest natural leather, and is said to be the closest to the skin
of humans.
g. A crocodile skin strap with a bamboo pattern is the most expensive ones you can buy.
h. Lizard skin has a unique, contrasting texture.
i. A python skin strap has diamond-shaped scales that will make your watch appear more

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